Clean Coal: a solution for coal-fired power stations

The GNUL can be retrofitted to existing smokestacks, such as those at coal-fired power stations, at relatively low cost with minimal disruption. The micro-algae lock up the carbon in their cells and these can be harvested from the GNUL and the lipids, proteins and carbohydrates then converted into biofuel, ethanol, methane or other useful products, using conventional methods.

Instead of Greenhouse gases being fed into the atmosphere, these are fed into GreenCell GNUL Bio-Processors and converted into usable forms of energy and other useful products including but not limited to:

  • Light sweet crude.
  • Pharmaceutical grade amino fatty acids, proteins and oils.
  • The bio mass can be further processed using the cellulous fibre for fabrics; plant, stock and fish food.
  • It makes a high-density insulation material.
  • It can be used to feed power stations as a supplement to coal.
  • The water involved in the process is recycled and cleaned via the process to a natural standard.

GreenCell Research Pty Ltd is optimistic that the GNUL will prove an effective way to reduce Greenhouse gas emissions at power stations and other industrial sites.