Other uses of the GNUL

The GNUL technology opens the door to multiple applications.

Algae types can handle most types of water and industrial waste.

We will find the GNUL designed into the infrastructure of tomorrow’s buildings.

GreenCell Research Pty Ltd has completed preliminary trials on its methanedigester design and has already had interest from commercial piggeries.

Further research with stand alone diesel motors has shown that the GNUL design is also effective in the elimination of oxides from the exhaust of stationary motors as well as lowering CO2 emissions.

GreenCell Research Pty Ltd is also confident that the GNUL will be highly effective in the treatment of polluted water – utilizing algae in the same way as conventional methods but in a controlled and compact space.

Use of the GNUL in aquaculture should reduce the blooms of red and blue/green algae and improve the growing conditions considerably.

GNULS are manufactured from recycled, everyday plastics and are specialty moulded using our exclusive patented process.

The same carbon neutral manufacturing process produces very low cost water tanks and methane digesters, which are themselves, recyclable.

These are used as component and ancillary parts of the whole system.

However they are stand-alone items in themselves as they can be “blown” to previously unachievable dimensions. Metering is via an EPA standard environmental gas analyser.

GreenCell Research Pty Ltd will continue to explore the potential of algae and bacteria in its role as environmental cleanser and is committed to developing the best bio-processor for each individual application.