Unique Advantages


  • A full-size plant built around a five layer stack of Bellows GNULs is expected to be capable of capturing 5 tonnes of CO2 per square metre of floor area each year.
  • The GreenCell GNULs use a two-stage process to maximise input and output. The first stage creates “sporadic water” in the Bellows GNULs and the second stage grows mature algae cells in the FlatPak GNULs.
  • A GreenCell GNUL plant, as a fully closed system, can operate continuously 24/7, unaffected by environmental conditions outside the plant.
  • The system used by GreenCell does not require prior scrubbing of nitrogen oxides from the input emissions.
  • The inexpensive nature of the materials used, the small land footprint, and the valuable by-products produced,mean that the installation of a GreenCell GNUL plant could be expected to pay for itslf within a few years.
  • The carbon capture efficiency of the closed system is continuously and accurately measurable by gas content at the input and output points of the plant.
  • The GNUL lighting system can be tailored to individual algae species requirements.
  • In extreme environments, the GNUL system can be moved underground, unlike open carbon capture systems.